Temptations of Resonance Records is an in-home label and distro created in the summer of 2014 in Beach Park Illinois with the intention to release unique and obscure music. We do not consider ourselves solely a metal label, our initial vision to release Black Metal and Folk music, but as we grow we are interested in all music that expresses the same dark and honest emotions we feel. We are interested, but will not limited our releases to, in Black Metal, Doom, Folk, Neo-folk, Dark Ambient, New Age, Ethno Ambient, Drone, Trip-Hop, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Folk, Progressive, Freak Folk, Pyschobilly, Experimental, Melodic Death Metal, and Avant Garde. We primarily release in small releases, from 15-50 copies per release. We hope to continue releasing music we enjoy in the future and we hope the music we release finds itself heard by the wandering nihilistic soul who understands it.

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